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In our everyday life we came  across tons of different inventions and it helps to solve the problem we face daily. Without knowing there is a simpler way to do things, these inventions is here to aid us, to do things faster and in a more efficient way.

Here are my view on the top 5 local inventions that have rocked the world.

5. Inkcase Plus

Ever wished you could continually customise the back of your smartphone to display one of your girlfriend’s various selfies?  The Inkcase Plus smartphone case is basically an E-Paper second screen to display anything you desire.

4. Creative Sound Blaster sound card

Before the iPod became the de facto music player on the streets, people in Singapore were jamming to the tunes of the ’90s and early 2000s on their Creative MP3 players.

Creative Technology has been lauded as one of Singapore’s most successful tech firms, particularly in its early days.

Creative’s most successful venture was its Sound Blaster sound card. This was a chip that was installed in computers for audio processing and was considered to be the industry standard during the 1990s.

3. Rotimatic

Sometimes, all someone wants is a nice, toasty chappati or roti (wholewheat unleavened flatbread), and not have to wait too long for it.

Enter the Rotimatic, a microwave-sized instant chappati-maker, which is able to produce about one warm roti a minute.

It was the brainchild of India-born Ms Pranoti Israni, who is now a Singapore citizen. She set out to build an automatic chapatti maker to take the tedium out of mixing, kneading and rolling dough for the flatbread

When it was first unveiled, the Rotimatic won the Start-Up@Singapore 2009 Business Plan Competition organised by National University of Singapore Entrepreneurship Society.

When pre-orders started in 2014, thousands of Rotimatic machines flew off the online shelves, netting its company, Zimplistic, a cool US$5 million.





2. Thumb Drive

8 tech creations you didn't know originated from Singapore


The humble thumb drive. The most nondescript, modest-looking device in the world is made by Singapore-based Trek Technology.

At the end of 2000, Trek Technology partnered with IBM to sell the first USB flash drives with a storage capacity of 8 MB commercially. Sadly, Trek Technology’s patent rights were violated with little thought when rival manufacturers started to make their own to sell. Lawsuits were filed to get them to start paying royalties, which worked in Trek Technology’s favour.

Who would have thought something so simple and useful could have originated from Singapore?

1.  The Buccaneer 3D printer

8 tech creations you didn't know originated from Singapore

The Buccaneer 3D printer by Pirate3D is a made in Singapore tech invention. Which is also on the top of my list as my favorite Singapore invention.

3D printing is a dream come true for any craft maker or model builder. With such a piece of equipment, they can practically create gewgaws of any conceivable shape and size, from prototypes of finished products.

The Buccaneer 3D printer can print everything from scratch. Even if you can’t design, don’t fret for design blueprints are available to download online.




Among my list of top five Singapore inventions. My favorite one will be the Buccaneer 3D printer. It’s because of its ability to be able to print out anything no matter it shapes and sizes. If these technology continues to evolve, in the near future we will be able to print out human organs to save lives. These non-organic organs will act as a replacement for a body to be functioning properly again. These will in terms benefits tons of people and save tons of live.

If i were an inventor, i would analyze the problems people faces and find a solution towards the common problem. I would then use my research to create a product that solves the everyday problem we human faces. This would in terms make life easier and the product will benefits people in terms of different aspect, it would be a time-saver.

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