Heritage Trail

Brief Introduction Fort Canning Hill is one of Singapore’s most historic landmarks. It was here that Sir Stamford Raffles built his bungalow. The hill also became an important communication center, housing important communication devices such as the flagstaff, time ball, lighthouse and a telegraph office. 9-Pound Cannon and South Battery This cannon dates back to … More Heritage Trail

Worker Writes

Winning poems from 1st Migrant Workers Poetry Competition After browsing through so many great poems I felt that the poem titled pocket 2 is my favorite poem. POCKET 2 Still in the same world, we belong to different spheres You on that side and me on this: we can do nothing but remember each other … More Worker Writes

Global Voices

Among many meaningful articles, I have decided to write about this article titled (One Photographer’s Mission to Change People’s Perception of Burn Survivors). The reason I have chosen this article because I felt that it really speaks out the truth about the society we live in and the mission of changing the perception of the … More Global Voices

Society & Co.

Businesses and companies are normally for profit, but there are some companies who have good Corporate Social Responsibility. Below I have shortlisted Top 8 of company/business that I think is the most exemplary. 8. TOMS Shoes The entire company was founded on the idea of giving back. For every pair of shoes sold, another pair … More Society & Co.

Unusual Occupation

There are tons of different occupations out there in the world. Most of us only known the common occupations like doctors, lawyers, construction workers, maids etc. However, there are actually plenty of occupations out there that are intriguing and bizarre at the same time. Such occupations may include face feeler, crime scene cleaner, Stanley cup … More Unusual Occupation

Made in Singapore

In our everyday life we came  across tons of different inventions and it helps to solve the problem we face daily. Without knowing there is a simpler way to do things, these inventions is here to aid us, to do things faster and in a more efficient way. Here are my view on the top … More Made in Singapore